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Welcome to the Brandsma Review!

Who we are and what we offer

The Brandsma Review is a bi-monthly magazine of conservative Catholic opinion in circulation in Ireland.

As our name suggests, we have a special focus on book and press reviews, but the Brandsma Review also features first-hand commentaries on the politics of the day as well as articles on ecclesiastical history.

Our team of Irish contributors hopes to give our readers abroad an authentic insight into Irish Catholic culture and the present-day challenges. But we also wish to help our Irish readers see the bigger picture. This is why we closely cooperate with experienced Catholic authors from Britain, continental Europe, the United States and beyond.

Many topics covered in the Brandsma Review have never been addressed in the English language before and encourage further reading. In future, we would also like to offer additional content in Irish.

To learn more about us and our objectives, please read the History of the Brandsma Review.

How to use this website

This site provides selected articles from the printed issues of the Brandsma Review as well as shorter blog posts by our authors. You can browse articles from our latest issues or use the search engine in the side-bar to find key words. The drop-down archive lists articles by publication date.

Our excerpts give you brief summaries of the articles which we have made available online.

If you wish to read issues since 2012 in full, you may either download them as PDF files or run the Brandsma Review on your digital reading device.

Up-coming issues will be password-protected. Please contact the editors to subscribe.

Supporting and contacting the editing team

The Brandsma Review is essentially a non-profit publication but needs your donations to cover the monthly expenses for web-hosting and administration.

We also aim to make the Brandsma Review available to those who have no access to the internet, but printing and postage cost more than the subscription fee we ask. So please be generous if you can and make an extra donation to bring dedicated, carefully researched pieces from around the world to as many readers as possible.

We always welcome comments on our articles and look forward to hearing from you via post or e-mail. You may also use the contact form below.